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While this is not a complete list of everything grown on the farm, it will give a good idea of what may be available throughout the season. If you don’t see something here you are very interested in, please drop me a message. I am always interested in growing new and in demand crops.

  • Ageratum Blue Horizon

  • Atriplex

  • Bachelor Buttons

  • Basil Mrs. Burn's Lemon, Cardinal

  • Bells of Ireland

  • Bupleurum

  • Celosia Celway Salmon

  • Celosia Cockscomb Chief Mix, persimmion,

  • Celosia Cockscomb Cramer's Lime, Rose, Burgandy

  • Celosia Cockscomb Spring Green

  • Celosia Plumosa Sunday orange, pink

  • Celosia Plumosa Sylphid

  • Celsoia Cockscomb Kurume rose, scarlet, yellow, orange-red, bicolor

  • Cosmos Double Click

  • Dianthus White

  • Dianthus, Amazon Rose Magic

  • Digitalis (Foxglove)

  • Dill, Bouquet

  • Gladiolus

  • Gomphrena, QIS Mix and Audrey Mix

  • Hibiscus, Mahogany Spendor

  • Larkspur QIS Mix

  • Lily, Ercolano

  • Lisianthus, ABC Rose Rim and Corma Snow

  • Marigolds Yellow, Orange

  • Monarada, Lambada

  • Nigella Albion Green Marbles

  • Rudbeckia

  • Scabiosa QIS Mix

  • Snaps Chantilly, Madamme Butterfly Mix, Opus Mix, Rocket

  • Statice QIS Mix

  • Sunflower Procuts Orange, Gold Lite, Sunfill Green and Purple

  • Yarrow, Colorado Sunset

  • Zinnia Uproar Rose, Benary's Giants pink, carmine, coral, salmon, lime

Ageratum, Blue Horizon

This classic filler adds texture and interest to bouquets. The tight blue flower clusters are 1 1/2-3" across and are long-lasting for bouquets. Ageratum is also known as flossflower or blue mink.


Bupleurum Griffithii is a herbaceous hardy annual plant that belongs to the carrot family. The variety Griffithii features foliage with green, branched stems and blue-green, rounded leaves producing terminal clusters of small greenish-yellow flowers surrounded by grey-green bracts with sharply pointed leaves. The uniquely shaped Bupleurum is a wonderful cut flower that makes outstanding addition to any flower arrangement where it contrasts well with other flowers.

Cardinal Basil

While this basil is still edible, the real magic comes from the flowers that turn this wonderful burgundy color. Bonus for the fresh basil smell and long vase life.

Celosia Plumosa-

Sunday Orange

Uniform, productive plants. 3–5" long, bright orange plumes. Stems are yellow and orange-hued with light green leaves. Uniform and vibrant filler with a long vase life.

Celosia Plumosa-

Sunday Pink

3–5" long, bright, pink-colored plumes on long stems. Pale green stems and light green foliage.

Celosia Plumosa- Sylphid

Highly uniform plants produce 2-5 inch long, lemon-lime-colored plumes that complement any color combination.

Cosmos Double Click

Tall plants with large, fully-double and semi double blooms. Shades of carmine, pink, and white make this a great cut flower. I also love the foliage for texture in bouquets.

Hibiscus- Mahogany Splendor

Wonderful foliage and filler that adds both texture and color that complements a wide range of color pallets.

Bee Balm Lambada

This easy-to-grow annual produces out waist-high stems that smell just like oregano and make a wonderful bouquet addition. Whorl-shaped pale-purple blooms fade to greenish-silver at the tips. This pollinator-friendly plant has become a staple summer filler plant, used much like Bells of Ireland.

Lisianthus ABC Rose Rim

Large romantic double flowers in white with a touch a blush along the edges. Perfect for wedding work.

Lisianthus Croma Snow

Romantic and dreamy snow white flowers that are the dream of every bride. These are very round and very double. You might be tricked into thinking that these are Ranunculus.

Sunflowers- ProCut Orange

Cut sunflowers add cheer and color to any floral arrangement—and ProCut Orange Hybrid Sunflower is one of my favorites. The 3- to 4-in. golden orange flowers with dark brown centers bloom atop 5- to 6-ft. single stalks, making them ideal for cutting. They're tidy, too. The pollenless flowers do not drop pollen after cutting.

Drop me a note with details on what you are looking for. I am always looking to add new flowers to my rotation.

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